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Prof. Tilmann Altwicker

University of Zurich - Switzerland

I hold the Chair of Legal Data Science and Public Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich as Associate Professor, and also head the Center for Legal Data Science.

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Biography by Prof. Tilmann Altwicker

At present, Empirical Legal Studies (ELS) in Europe is at an exciting moment, with several initiatives around Europe gaining momentum. Yet, the full promise of ELS for European law schools, scholarship, and legal practice often remains untapped. I am convinced that ELS not only furthers legal knowledge but also plays acritical role in forging a just legal order and a more equitable society. I aim to contribute to ELS in Europe by stimulating discourse on the value ELS adds to both academia and society at large.

My particular goals for ESELS are:

• Increase the visibility of ELS research (and activities) carried out by
members of ESELS through the newsletter
• Establish thematic sub-groups within ESELS to provide venues for
• Increase ties with other regional societies / conferences on ELS
• Promote early career scholars by creating a database on available
funding and scholarship opportunities in the field of ELS